Thinkdiff School - Chennai
Thinkdiff School - Chennai
Thinkdiff School - Chennai
Smartphones and tablets have changed computing and the world. Want to learn the building blocks behind it all ? Our professionally designed curriculum enables them to apply the engineering design process and practice programming all while honing the ability to think creatively and work in teams. Build skills and uncover creativity under the guidance of instructors, progressing to levels of Game Development, App Design, WebSite Development and much more. Creating and programming a video game offers the most complete application of math, physics, creativity, problem solving, and communication skills.

Creative Coding Basics ( Level 1)

Learn basic programming concepts, think creatively and reason systematically — all while having fun. Our uniquely designed curriculum enables children to write their code to create stories, games and animations. It takes them to a newer level “ learning by designing” from learning by doing.

Game Design and Development ( Level 2)

Create an original video game with custom graphics, sound effects and music. Gain design skills and confidence with our design challenge activities. Give shape to your ideas, integrate player feedback and refine your video game before sharing it with the world.

App Design and Development

Apps are a great way to get into the exciting world of coding, be creative, and solve a problem in your own life. Wish there was an app for that? Create it! In this course you will design and develop Android apps using MIT App Inventor. Students learn basics through video tutorials, try out and customize existing apps, come up with new ideas, then program your own apps. Course work includes collaboration and individual activities.

Website Design and Development

Explore the world wide web to develop truly creative and compelling websites. Learn the design, art and technical knowhow of website development …Explore HTML and CSS while learning the fundamentals of creating a webpage. Get you first website up and running worldwide…. Suitable for beginners and experts alike.

C Programming

Want to learn the building blocks of Computer languages? Learn the fundamentals of computer science and basics of C language. Get a solid foundation in C – understanding opens a wold of programming to the young teens.

Game Programming with Python

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